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Saturday, June 04, 2022

Be good while we're gone.


With those six words, it suddenly feels as though we really are on our way once again, which we are.     

Leaving our poor little van peering forlornly out of the gloom like a sad puppy watching its owners pack, ever hopeful that the adventure will involve him, but deep down knowing that hope is lost.

He must be as disappointed as we are really, but we designed him specifically with fine weather in mind and as anyone who has lived on the east coast of Australia this year knows, for the better part of the year, a "fine" day has been one where less than 25mm of rain is expected.   This is to say nothing of the obvious heath risks that have accompanied travel for the better part of the year as well.

So we've charged his batteries, packed him up and parked him snug in the bowels of the earth to hibernate for a bit, with a promise of better times when we return.   

Who knows?  On our return we might even finish off his finer details, the energy for which has thus far eluded us.



Joan Elizabeth said...

Delighted to know you are on your way again. I hope you find sunnier weather.

Dodgwr said...

Hello Again, How are you travelling and to whence?

Anonymous said...

Bad typing, meant to be Dodger.

Don said...

Ahhh, welcome back, Peter.
Very much looking forward to more.

t said...

Just started following you and love your travels thus far. As someone from the east coast, I know exactly what you mean and hope the weather gets better soon. Also loved the last postcard on your other blog but couldn't comment there - couldn't go past without commenting on it either because it's almost eerily beautiful.

bitingmidge said...

HI @t welcome aboard - I hope you enjoy our trials and trails. Joan, Don and Cathy Jo and Dodger - welcome back, buckle up and let's see how we go!

Cheers to you all.

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