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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Indoor Sport


When the nice man in the shop said it would cost almost forty dollars to replace the feet on our terribly expensive but terribly tiny and light camping chairs, we sort of giggled and backed slowly out of the shop without making further eye contact.

I've had a roll of flexible printing filament at home for quite some time but it's fiddly stuff that doesn't like humidity, and since we live in a place where humidity varies between "a lot" and "a lot more" the use of it was always going to involve long hours of living in air conditioned and de-humidified space.  

Fortunately the last few weeks have been damp and hot and generally suited to being indoors and hiding from a virus-laden world, so now all of our camping chairs and stools have new feet and I really had run out of excuses to get started on Millie's chair again.

Then someone said: "The Button Design Competition closes next Friday".


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Vallypee said...

I was just reflecting on the nature of your humidity and how it differs from ours, and realised it was much of a muchness except the temperature. For once, I think I’d prefer ours at the moment, as it’s the lesser of two horrible evils. I loathe humidity (read damp and dank here) but heat with it is crippling. Well done on your feet and feat.

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