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Monday, January 03, 2022

A small recap.


Almost exactly a year ago I published a photo of my list of things to do, so I thought it might be fun to see how much progress has been made in the course of a year.

It wasn't.

Actually it's interesting to note quite a significant change in approach.  The first and most obvious symptom of that is that the "months" are missing after each little group  of projects.  The deadlines have simply disappeared and life is so much gentler for the lack of them. In the course of our normal lives, even significantly disrupted ones (perhaps specially significantly disrupted ones) things just bob up which interfere with our plans.  They just do, and there's absolutely no need to get all hot and bothered over a few changing deadlines as a result.

Right now for instance, our older boys are with us along with their Mum and Dad, so there won't be any sneaking away to work on Millie's chair for a day or two.  Since there's no deadline other than the obvious "It'd be nice to have the baby chair done before she leaves school" we can be free to play endless rounds of Skip-Bo and walk along the beach until our knees fall apart.

There are gaps of course where things once were writ, evidence of sorts that things have been dealt with, and no new things as far as I can tell, because new projects tend to "push in", (like the van did) and make their presence felt without the need to be added.

The little hieroglyph at the bottom remains, not because Lila and Papa didn't build their kite, but because they did, and they broke it, and it's meaning changed to "repair kite some day".  It probably won't be erased even then, because then it will say "had a good time flying the kite instead of attending to all those things on the list!"


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