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Sunday, January 02, 2022

Found 'em!

 Millie is two now, and if she was filling in one of those forms which so commonly these days have a question beginning with:

"Do you identify as:-"

Without hesitation she would tick the box that says "a big person".  

I suspect that the fact that she can neither read nor write is not something that the poser of the question would have considered, so this whole thought process is a bit of a waste of time, not unlike filling in forms in general.   Never the less,  she's determined to sit at the dining table like the big people do and for that she needs a taller chair, of the kind that her grandfather has made for her brothers and cousins and let's just say the order is a bit overdue for delivery.

The timber has been roughly cut for quite some time, and left neatly stacked to settle, then moved out of the way while something else more important was being done, then moved again and so on until it was entirely out of sight and almost out of mind.   

First things first, better move the stuff on top of the bits I need, to somewhere else.  The drawer liner from the van fridge, the boxes of small parts yet to be fitted and the sundry spares all had to be relocated on top of some other project with a lesser priority.    

But the bamboo chopping boards also turned up, the ones that only need a trim, a glue and a bolt or two to become the fold out bench in the van, and the hinges are lying in wait on the saw bench, so it doesn't make sense to move them to where they'll be forgotten. Might as well get that done while the machinery is out.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why even the simplest of tasks can take a very long time around here!


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