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Saturday, January 08, 2022

To the Victor go the Spoils!


Our cabana, according to Australia Post's tracking, was on time, having left Brisbane 90 kilometres or so away very early on the day before yesterday and would, they assured us by text and email, arrive sometime between yesterday and next Tuesday all being well.   

I am not sure why they don't just call it "Guessing" rather than "Tracking" and I'd ask them about that except that they don't actually have a point of contact that doesn't leave one back at the start of the process after a long day of pushing buttons and repeating one word answers to questions asked by a machine which clearly doesn't understand.   

"Please stay on the line", they seem to be saying, "until your call is no longer important to you".

I digress.   It arrived and was suitably welcomed and stuck on a shelf in its original box where it will quite possibly remain until it is discovered by our heirs while sifting through their memorabilia some time after our demise.

I wonder if it will be worth more in its original packaging?



Vallypee said...

Inspired by your reference to Douglas Adams, at least it will save you the trouble of remembering it yourselves. :)

bitingmidge said...

I'm not sure why, but a lot of what Douglas Adams wrote is in accord with the way I manage myself - it's a sort of chaos theory I think, but it works.

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