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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Day of Rest

Eventually, hunger forced us from our repose in time for morning tea had there been someone awake to offer it to us, and we wondered if we would ever again find the energy to venture beyond the four walls of our bunk. It seems that running around after our Miss One had taken an enormous toll!

We really had intended to do a bit of work on the boat while we were waiting in Saverne, We've had the floor tiles stored neatly in its nethers for four months while sufficient energy has been accumulating to start the job, but each time we checked our energy meters they seemed to be saying, "Why not just hang around and read a book?"

Thanks to Matt and Abbie and a surprise package from Jane waiting for us in London, the stocks of interesting reading material had increased by a thousand pages or so and it would be rude of us not to take advantage while we had the chance.

So we read all day, not leaving the boat at all as far as I can tell except to have a discussion long into the evening with the Danish couple moored beside us.


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