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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Madding Crowd

If a day running around with one's children in Paris is a lot of fun, a day without them, left in the care of one's granddaughter is even better. We walked and walked and walked did. We and Lily, to places she may not have thought to visit on her own.

While her parents were dashing about trying to fill the gaps in yesterday's overview, we were ambling through parks and gardens, past docks and homeless people living in tents under bridges, well away from the beaten path of the tourist coaches.

Occasionally we'd pop into the Metro and pop out somewhere completely unexpected, for the better part staying clear of the throngs of summer tourists who seemed to be hanging from every monument, or if they weren't hanging from, hanging round making zany poses for the benefit of the camera. Two days in Paris is a lifetime too little we concluded, and steeled our resolve to bring the boat and spend more time here next year, a lot more time.


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