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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Toy Museum

It was Saturday, but we all slept in as though it was Sunday. None of this places to go things to do people to see stuff. We'd all done quite enough of that for one week thanks very much.

Eventually we stirred and decided among ourselves that we really should get out and about, so we took a vote among ourselves and followed Jules curiously to the other side of town. As events panned out in the next day or two the "other" side of town, the one where one imagines that just below the surface, evil lurks round every corner, was to become international news. It's safe enough in broad daylight just before Saturday lunchtime of course, specially when one finds oneself just before lunchtime at the Museum of Childhood.

We'd heard reports, or to be less diplomatic, Julian had heard reports that it was pretty cool, stuffed full of toys of all kinds.

I suspect that we to a person would agree that while it was indeed stuffed full of toys some of which did have a certain charm.  The museum really amounted to a comprehensive albeit apparently semi haphazard collection of old toys stuffed into glass cases.  How very fifties!

Some of the items in the collection were quite new, many not, and one of them dates as far as anyone can tell from 1,300BC, which makes it quite old,  but in terms of display and presentation I suspect that we all felt there is probably nothing that a small environmental catastrophe wouldn't do to improve the whole thing.

Fortunately for the collection, sadly for the presentation, toy museums don't seem to be high on the looters' list of things to do for now at least, and days later the much needed catastrophe has thus far failed to materialise.


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