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Friday, October 03, 2014

Beneath the calm
- Lagarde

One of the really nice things about this time of year, is that one can go for long walks in the crisp morning air, or the soggy morning air as the case may be, and not have to roll out of bed particularly early to do it.  

The mist seems to try to lift sometime after eight, but just as often gives up and pops back down again for another hour or so, making getting up early to catch photographs of it a particularly civilised experience.

Things may appear calm in port, but on the boat chaos is beginning to ensue.   The sort of chaos that is born of procrastination and waiting for parts before starting to do anything while a deadline looms large over the not too distant horizon.

It will probably work itself out we think, so settle back into finishing our respective books while lazing around in the sunshine.

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Annie said...

Another great photo!

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