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Sunday, October 05, 2014

A splendid adventure - to Parroy and back.

It takes just a few minutes to travel from Lagarde to Parroy by car, or a few hours by boat.   

Midway through what did indeed promise to be a luncheon without end, someone decided we should abandon the car, and cruise the afternoon away.   As it happens, Joan and Peter had also spent the night at Parroy and were ready to leave at the same time.   The trickle of our friends returning to our base is becoming a flood.

All went hilariously well until the time came to exit the second lock, when to the amusement of all except Grahame, the good ship St-Jeane-Laurence of its own accord reduced its speed to something less than a crawl.    Amusement turned to bemusement when it was discovered that, so close to home, the throttle cable had snapped.

Normal transmission, music and hilarity returned in a very short space of time however as Peter put his years of commercial shipyard operation into good stead, and Grahame saved a significant amount of fuel on the balance of the journey.

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