Legends from our own lunchtimes

Saturday, October 04, 2014


All of this lying about waiting till the mood takes us to get on with variously completion or commencement of our wintering tasks has given us itchy feet.   

We really wanted to spend a few of these glorious autumn days up the canal a bit, quietly contemplating the year that has been, but the onslaught of what could only be described as slackness put paid to that and we couldn’t seem to summons the motivation to move.

Tomorrow we had planned to travel for a few kilometres with Jacques and Maggie aboard to rendezvous with Grahame and Aileen now almost home as well for what we suspect will be a rather long lunch.   The forecast though is not of the kind that jumps out and says “great weather for boats”, so now we are looking forward to having a lovely Sunday Drive.


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