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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The covers are on.

Everyone knows that when the covers go on in a test cricket match, it's likely that there'll be no further play for the day and so it is that after the longest stay in Australia that we've had in eight years, the covers have gone on the machinery, the gardens are trimmed, and but for a few days of commuting to celebrate a certain birthday that has been the reason for our delayed departure, we are ready to go.


Well to be really accurate, we only have to sort out upstairs and pack our stuff and organise a few loose ends travel wise, such as how we exactly get to the airport at two AM on Tuesday morning and then we'll be ready to go.


Jack said...

And, off you go!

Janet said...

Yay, you must feel excited, happy, thrilled, nervous etc etc. Bon voyage.

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