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Monday, June 27, 2016

Farewell Dearest RugRats!
Daisy Hill

We are constantly grateful for the generosity of our friends, and it should have been unsurprising that Mike and Jackie would concoct some sort of flimsy excuse to drive to Brisbane this morning, suggesting that there may be just enough room in their car for the pair of us and a few bags.  We accepted without hesitation of course, and with an ever growing stock of gratitude, looked forward to shaving a few hours off what would have been our train commute.

With everything packed, we took one of those big gulps one takes as one locks one’s front door for a time and drove off with not a hint of apprehension.   Fortunately we had gone but a few blocks when the mental list being checked off got to “sports coat”, and Mike ever so patiently allowed us to return for said object, or more correctly returned us to collect it.

Our fortuitous transport arrangement meant that we had just enough time to gather the Rugrats for a fleeting final cuddle, (and slobber) before setting the alarm for one (that’s right, one!) and attempting to catch in four hours, enough sleep to get us through the days that are to come.

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