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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

So this is Dubai
Brisbane to Dubai

We were a bit disappointed really if the truth be told.  After burning all those points to settle ourselves in the front of the plane to find after a gloriously comfortable and sleep-filled journey that when we arrived in Dubai the fug to which we have become so accustomed to experiencing on arrival descended upon us with a vengeance.

We wondered if it was the forty degree temperature difference between departure and arrival, or the fourteen hour flight, or the one thirty am start or perhaps even the dusty haze that enveloped us, but logic said that the few milliseconds we had spent between air conditioned car and air conditioned building should not have mattered. 

We had planned of course to hit Dubai with both feet running - a quick trip up the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building this evening perhaps after a sprint around one of the famous shopping malls, and then perhaps a sunset desert tour returning only for a brief respite before heading out at a thousand miles per hour tomorrow.   We are after all playing a role to which we are not accustomed.  

We are unashamedly intent on being tourists!

Instead, we took a photograph from our thirtieth floor eyrie, slept soundly for the few hours of afternoon we had left before dinner, visited the roof top pool before deciding that we didn’t have the energy, and with no regrets at all after a light meal, retired once more to a deep sleep to ensure we had maximum energy for the morrow, completely unaware of what fate had in store.

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