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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A long ride in the country April 5
A day in Koka

It was all Allan’s fault apparently. Yes that Allan, the quiet chap over in the corner who earlier in the week had been told by our guide for a day Yoshi-san that he looked like his uncle, and from that moment forward has been known to one and all as Uncle Al.    

Apparently he’s been in communication with Robert for years, with the promise that if ever a tour was to take in the Miho Museum designed by I M Pei, he’d join it.  In a bit of an inspired move, Robert, not being a particular fan of Pei, but always looking for a new adventure chose today to do just that.

So there we went, and what a gobsmacking thing it was too.  Entering through a stainless steel lined tunnel that would have been equally at home on the set of Thunderbirds or Ironman it must be a perfect example of what can be achieved quietly, albeit with what must have been close to an unlimited budget. It was something of a showcase of perfect yet perhaps even understated architectural detailing, museum lighting and display.  Some would say that there’s a tendency for all underground buildings to look the same, and if it hadn’t been for the now ubiquitous “No Photo, No Photo” signs that have been the bane of our existence of late we may have the shots to prove that they aren’t.   

It wasn’t a perfect day it had to be said. Those cherry trees lining our route continue to confound, refusing to bloom though absolutely bursting at the seams with ripe little buds. Perhaps another week they say or perhaps a day or two.

There are one or two sprinkled around which make our evening stroll from our place of sustenance something of a joy, the icing on the cake one may say after each evening of culinary adventure which to our dismay just seems to get better (and less costly to boot) as every night passes.   


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