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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wrong direction again - April 15
Mont St Michel

Possibly nothing says “we are in France” more than a church in a castle on a rock, and nothing says “church in a castle on a rock” more than Mont St Michel, which is as it turns out just an hour or so to the south of where we woke up this morning, well three or four actually if one takes the scenic route through “Swiss Normandy”.

Since south is exactly opposite to the direction we need to be heading if indeed we are to see tulips in Holland, and since we really can’t go any further west because of this tiny ocean shaped obstacle, we didn't think just one day heading south would be a problem.  It was a longish day admittedly, and when we arrived pretty much everyone else had decided to make it a day trip too.  Since Mont St Michel attracts a similar number of tourists annually to the Sunshine Coast, but since its area is substantially less, a certain busyness is apparent at major holiday times, like for instance, Easter.

None the less we walked the two and a half kilometre bridge and causeway in blustery weather that was two jumper cool verging on “I do wish I had my beanie” and then climbed to the top of its not insubstantial height.  With skies becoming quite threatening, and queues rather long we chalked “tour the abbey one day” on our list of things to do, and wended our weary way ever so slightly northward snug in the warmth of our leather lined Jeep.


Jack said...

It is still one of the great "don't miss" places in the world, crowds or no crowds.

Ian said...

Next time stay a night. Arrive late when parking opens up on the island.

We booked a room well in advance and (here's the bit, I gather, that will probably cashier it for you) rose early in the morning and walked around and up to the top as the Mont woke up. Glorious. All to ourselves.

We then left mid-morning, driving past, with self-satisfied smiles, the five or so kilometers of nose-to-tail traffic waiting to squeeze onto the Mont.

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