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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Send in the clowns. - April 26

The cloud of lethargy that’s been hovering above us lowered itself to just above doona level today, descending almost to the point where it became apathy.  That would never do though, we have places to go and things to do.  Eventually.

When faced once again with the choice of in front of the heater all day watching drops of ice fall intermittently in the water around that poor little naked copse of trees opposite, or getting out there in the wet under a sky that maddeningly refused to go dark enough to be miserable and scrubbing the boat, the decision was easy.  

Besides, for a bit of a giggle we could phone Neil in England to see whether our now long awaited parts had turned up.  Except that Neil wasn’t in today, but John was and he seemed a bit puzzled really because Neil was new you see and didn’t know they didn’t ship stuff to the Continent any more, and now what would they do with these things they’d got in specially?  John then spoke with Allan in the workshop who said if we were in trouble, which we said we were a bit, they would ship them after all, but did we know the best postage price they could get was twice the value of the parts. 

A few phone calls later, and they were on their way, all without us having to leave the warmth of the cabin.  They will take two days by special delivery they said, which if all goes the way these things do, means we can expect them on Tuesday next week we suspect.   We did however get the front cabin curtains in, and filled the water tanks, and installed the new toner cartridge in the printer thereby ensuring we won’t need to print anything in the forseeable future, so the day wasn’t an entirely unproductive one.

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