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Friday, May 19, 2017

Another day in the office - Thursday May 18th
Pont-à-Mousson to Nancy

If life only comprised floating almost aimlessly along rivers under clear blue skies, watching the relics of thousands of years of history pass by as we did all day yesterday, where would the fun be?

That is doubtless why, after just one day in shorts and tee shirt, we were back in jumpers and rain gear.  The clouds which formed overnight began emptying themselves even before we left our snug little bunk to get the morning bread. It’s quite possibly why once again the breeze picked up when least we wanted it, from the wrong side when we were wanting to moor, from dead ahead when we were trying to pick up speed, from behind when we wanted to slow down.

It’s probably also why we had delays with lock repairs and when we finally got to stop to buy our new tap fittings and even install them, the leak persists.   It’s definitely why after resealing the front window for the third time, that leak persists too.   It made us wonder why the Romans went to all that trouble to build aqueducts, if they had wanted a continuous supply of running water inside, all they needed was a boat.


Sheila said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm floating down a beautiful river with not a care in the world. Isn't retirement great? Then, reality hits me and I'm spending hours trying to fill out paper work so I can continue to live out my dream!

bitingmidge said...

Then there are weeks when there are public holidays @Shiela and they only let us be retired for four days instead of five!

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