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Monday, May 01, 2017

Aweigh! - April 29
Lagarde to Einville-au-Jard

If ever one were in need of proof of the benefits of procrastination, today would have given that proof in buckets.

It was buckets of soap and warm water that were needed mostly, along with a scrubbing brush and a pressure cleaner.  While the temperature may not have quite made double figures, the glorious blue sky and brilliant sunshine made it seem like three times that once work got underway.   There were lots of things that could have been done, perhaps should have been done, but as the morning slowly turned into afternoon, our little “Joyeux” was starting to look a bit like his old self, and with that the urge to get underway started to take a fairly strong grasp on us all.

Some quick sums were done.   It seems we have two days of sunshine ahead of us, which is about half a day more than it will take us to get to Nancy, but exactly the same time remaining until the May Day holiday when everything closes.   After that there will be a few days of much needed rain, together with a not so much needed cooler change, during which time a small electric heater could be a comfort, which in turn would make an electrical supply quite useful.

After pressing the “equals” key, the answer came firm but clear - stop work, take the shiny clean boat to Nancy, leave straight after lunch.  So we did.


Merisi Vienna said...

Who knows, the weather may just turn out better than predicted!

Ian said...

No doubt, somewhere back in the mists of blog-time is the reason why 'Joyeaux' is a boy. Perhaps for lazy me, unwilling to search for this particular needle, you might expound again.

bitingmidge said...

Thats easy @Ian McCauley - All boats are boys in France "Le"bateau, it is quite a difficult thing to come to terms with when you first discover that! ;-)

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