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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The trouble with stopping to smell the flowers. Wednesday May 24

The trouble with stopping to smell the flowers is that at this time of year, you can get a nose full of fluffy stuff that sticks in the back of your throat and makes you gag, or if you’re lucky it’ll only be a puff of pollen, or a cloud of farm dust either of which make the sinuses itch and the eyes water adn create big black bags under them.   

It has to be the pollen causing those bags, I doubt that its the late nights and early mornings or all the laughter,  We’ll have to wait a day or two to find out, because even though team Switzerland cruised off into the morning sunshine, Ron and Robin decided to stay “just one more night”.

I’m not sure what we were planning to do today, but whatever it was, we most certainly did something else instead.

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