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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Life in the Long Village - Thursday May 25

Curiously in the four days or perhaps it’s more that we’ve been back in Lagarde we haven’t thought too much about getting stuck in to that list of unfinished jobs, or even starting new ones, but the sewing machine is on the table now, so I expect there’s a change in the wind.   

The trouble is that in order for one of us to do certain things, the other attempting to get certain other things done invariably gets in the way and we end up in something of a vicious circle which is more conducive to doing not much. Besides there are ways of filling in the corners of one's life in the “long village” that is our canal community that doesn’t involve actual work aboard our own little ship.  

There are things that need helping with on other little ships for instance, and chats, and cups of coffee and sitting in the shade.

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