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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Not to be taken lying down. Sunday May 28

There’s this little spot we quite like to stay on a hot summer’s day, where the shade under the trees is dense and a cool wind blows and where in the afternoon the boat is in the shade as well.   

There we can bring out the cushions and, if we’ve had a sleepless night say because our brains have been working the whole time designing new wiring circuits to replace the mess  behind the dashboard so that we’ll never have to replace a melted mains power outlet again, we can drift off into the deepest of deep sleeps.     If on the other hand we haven’t had a sleepless night, then it’s also perfect for sitting in the cool and knitting or for a spot of reading interspersed with the odd snooze.  All in all it’s great place to spend an afternoon immersed in a whole range of wholesome activities.

There is a problem with falling into the deepest, most comfortable kind of sleep in the cool shade though.  When one wakes while lying on one’s side, one can become quite disoriented for a bit.   There’s something completely awry with the beautiful tones of the vegetation as they go from their yellows through to blue.  It’s confusing until the fog clears enough to recognise that everything is lying on its side. The camera doesn’t lie.  Presumably normal orientation will resume in a short while.

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