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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All work not much play. Well maybe a little. Saturday June 10

All work not much play.  Well maybe a little.  Saturday  June 10 Lagarde

It’s a weird feeling this packing up in the middle of summer, but pack up we must as we leave for our other home in just a few days.   It’s not a proper pack up though, it’s a bit like having to clear stuff out of the shed to get the tractor in it, then sort of just poking things back in where ever they will fit.   No wintering, no covers just a bit of a clean and walk away for a month or two.   Terrifyingly it’s a bit like what happened before we left, so we shall have to face the music on that score shortly.

There’s not really that much to do but we’re sure to string the process out for a couple of days, with as many long intervals as we can manage under a shady tree where we may even succumb to the evils of idleness and sloth. 

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