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Thursday, June 01, 2017

We know a place… Saturday May 27 a secret spot not far from Lagarde

We know a place, it may not be where the music plays, in fact it’s a long way from any noise at all and it’s a shady place to rest on a hot summer’s day.  On the first day of a long weekend when every one of NavigFrance’s boats are out, and doubtless those of every other hire boat company as well, the second busiest waterway in France could well live up to its reputation.  Therefore we thought, finding a quiet little nook where we could spend the night could be important, and we knew just the place.

In reality the "quietest little nook" may well have been our home port with all the boats gone for the weekend, but the beauty of having a flexible life is that when one decides to go, one must go, all other things not withstanding.  Go we did, dodging and weaving but mostly waiting while the hire boat flotilla did their utmost to avoid the banks on either side, white knuckled skippers no doubt wondering when the fun begins, at speeds either too fast or too slow and sometimes even backwards.  Sadly in the race to get the most miles out of their weekend hire, they often miss many of the delights on offer, and without the benefit local knowledge tend to stop where others stop. 

Therefore it came to be that we unselfishly shared our secluded little spot in the forest with but five other boats, and settled down in the quiet, but not quite seclusion to await that first slash of sunlight down the canal bringing with it a brand new day.

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