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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Continuous Improvement Friday May 26

For all the waxing lyrical about not doing stuff, there comes a time when suddenly a decision is made and we are away.  For Grahame and Aileen as well that time came when our eyes creaked open this morning, although for both of us, tomorrow seemed like a far better time to move than actually right now.

While one of us busied herself inside repairing and tidying and reorganising, the other set to the outside with equal enthusiasm, scrubbing and polishing things and wielding spanners and hammer till everything sparkled, or was a bit straighter and at least glowed just a little bit in our eyes through all those years of hard earned patina.   It all went so swimmingly that we could have been away by lunchtime really, but the funny thing about being flexible is that when one makes a decision to go tomorrow, one isn’t at all flexible when the opportunity to depart earlier arises, particularly when at least two dozen hire boats are leaving port on the same day.

So with not much else to do, we started to take a look at long term projects, making lists of things that could be done better, searching online for replacement parts, looking for ways of improving reliability in the years to come.  In no time at all we’ll have the old tractor looking just like a new one.   In our minds at least.

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