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Friday, June 02, 2017

Swanning about. Tuesday May 30

Traditionally we post a photo of the chateau to mark our arrival in Saverne just to let the world know that we are here and that life is terrific.  Sometimes if we are feeling particularly clever, we wait till the time is just right and that special sort of sunset light appears and we all get a pinky glow that sort of expresses the way we feel. The problem is that to do that we have to be up at sunrise, and that requirement really was never in our travel brochure.

Today though in the absence of anything better to do, or perhaps because there were lots of better things to do but doing them seemed like work, we went for a walk along the water’s edge just round the corner from the port.

There are some industrial buildings there which have been subjected to some serious street art effort which tends to reflect very well on their surroundings.  The swans seem to like them too.

1 comment

Jack said...

But this swan photo is so nice, we will forgive you the absence of a castle.

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