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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cheeses - Friday June 9

The man in the van turns up every Friday and Saturday evening.  This is partly because he makes his living out of selling a wide range of local products, the freshest of cheeses and terrines and according to those who know about these things, a rather tasty range of wine as well, and partly because he just likes looking at the boats.

When the port is busy, he is able to make a tidy contribution to his income from the hour or so he spends here each day.  When it’s not, one of us seems to have made it her mission to single handedly support his family through the grimmest of winters.   They have pretty much a standard script, he and she that goes a little like this.

“Could I have one of those please?”
“Is your husband unwell?”
“Could I have four of them then?”   
“Sure, but you’ll need at least two of this to go with those, and goodness have you seen my fresh….”    

…..   and so it goes on until either we have no more cash, or no more room in the fridge.  Then, both sides retreat, congratulating themselves on a job well done. 


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