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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hit the road Jack
Friday 16th August - Gent to Bruges

We figured there’s no sense hanging around in Gent all alone when we can hang around in Bruges with our mates, so no doubt inspired by last year’s voyage on the Queen Mary,  while the Skipper, Steward and Deckhand readied the ship for departure, the other aboard remained in repose.

The fact that she could do that while lying so close to Mr Perkins’ rumbling is a fair indication of just how unwell her body was, despite protestation from her head that she’s possibly feeling a little better.   

The few hours resting “at sea” didn’t appear to do her any additional harm, and we were welcomed in the already crowded little port to the news that Dave and Ria had preceded us, and that snuggled up beside the “Max” would be a perfect place from which to witness the weekend’s festivities in the park opposite.

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