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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Out for a bit of blurry colour
Thursday 15th August - Gent

Without spectacles people of a certain age have to resort to reading only the headlines, or in the case of the Kindle, we can enlarge the lettering to school level “year one”, and by tracing each word with an index finger eventually get the gist of what’s going on.  Being able to read only the headlines doesn’t necessarily work with signs proclaiming “DANGER” or “ATTENTION” though, as the actual cause of the danger or reason for paying attention is lost in a sea of colourful blur.

For this reason, we thought it prudent that the missing spectacles should be replaced as expeditiously as possible with a pair of those cheap magnifying types that can be found just about anywhere when one has no need for them, but which dissolve into thin air when does,

Having a need for them on the Assumption Day holiday in Belgium turned out to be a bit of mistake as it is one of those serious sorts of holidays when everyone takes the day off, sleeps quite late and goes into town, except for the shopkeepers who apparently simply take the day off.   

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