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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Wednesday 14th August - Gent

After not giving him a pass mark at shopping earlier in the week, the one who should know better, and feeling a teensy bit better “in herself” as they once used to say, decided to send him to Ikea, where with the aid of digital video conferencing, he might pick up some things for the boat.  

Once again alone in the big outside world, he did manage to find the big blue shop at the end of the tramline easily, but it was then that the troubles began.   Who would have thought that doona covers and pillow slips, sold through a giant international chain would vary in size between countries?  Therefore, after agreeing via satellite link, on colour, texture and myriad other fine points, it was a little disappointing to discover that if there is any Union in Europe it doesn’t extend to size of pillows and bed covers, which varied considerably from the French-bought ones we have on board.  Similarly the hanging shelves in our cupboards are exactly different to the ones currently on sale, so replacements for them were quickly crossed from the list.

The new frypans and plastic squeegee, were some consolation and this remote shopping lark seemed to increase the level of cheer aboard immensely, lessened just a bit when he discovered his spectacles were no doubt still enjoying their journey on the number one tram. 

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Vallypee said...

Lovely. I so enjoyed this post, particularly the part about the specs enjoying their journey on the tram...I can so relate to that!

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