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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Farewell old friend (Monday 1st May)

When it happened it seemed as though it was a spur of the moment decision, although one can hardly call eleven years of thinking about what our next car might be “spur of the moment”, but we advertised it for sale over the weekend on the off chance that someone may see the potential we did, and by Monday someone did.

If it had been a horse perhaps we’d say it was off to spend its retirement in greener pastures, for it has many years of life left before any thought of having to put it down, but it’s a car in which we have shared 180,000 kilometres of good times.   That’s technically enough for a dozen or so circumnavigations of Australia although we haven’t actually done that yet, the drive “around the block”.   We have been through and across and up and down this continent though, far enough from the beaten track to have bits of every coloured dust imaginable secreted in its inner-most workings, and a bit of mud and sand to boot despite, concerted efforts over the years to get to them.

It will soon be gone, but the memories have been excluded from the sale.  

Perhaps the next one will be the vessel in which we complete that circumnavigation, but at the moment it is hard to imagine life in the outback without our little silver beast.


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