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Friday, May 25, 2018

Fine and Sunny. 24 May 2018

Not having the luxury of owning a boat that could be described as waterproof by even the broadest definition, we do tend to take a lot of time packaging all our belongings and bedding before leaving it for winter, then securely covering it as best we can in green tarps of the agricultural variety.

This has worked perfectly to date in terms of keeping things in a state which is more or less in accordance with our hopes. Occasionally we do suffer a minor loss, such as the tea towel which had been inadvertently hung over a damp towel prior to departure and in our absence had magically transformed into a black crawling mass, but apart from a few signs of insect invasion in early spring all is well aboard.   

The downside of such careful preparation is that it all has to be undone on our return and that does take a day or two of finding things in their zippered bags and restoring them to their proper spots.

Removing the covers is not such a big deal, we just need to wait for a bit of fine and sunny weather to let them dry, take them off, fold them and store them till next year.

Perhaps that can wait till tomorrow.

1 comment

Annie said...

so nice to see you back traveling again...
good to follow your travels, since my traveling days are probably over..
especially having had fourth fall since moving to sunny coast five years ago,
(with just bruised ribs this week! requiring an ambulance to try out the new SCUH,
not too bad really, all round!!)

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