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Sunday, May 27, 2018

New Season, New List
25 May 2018 Lagarde with a diversion in Toul

There’s no sense in denying it, when there’s tidying to be done the easiest way to ensure nothing is missed is to write a list and cross tasks off as they are completed.

We started our new list today, and it began something like this:
  1.  clean boat inside
  2.  clean boat outside
  3.  get the next week’s worth of groceries
  4.  repair or replace shower thermostat and mixer
  5.  wash and rehang curtains
  6.  check motor and hydraulic systems
  7.  flush water tank and bilge.
  8.  have lunch with Grahame and Aileen.

Since everyone has to eat sometime, it seemed sensible to attempt number eight first.  They are five days away by boat as it happens, which is about an hour by car, and a nice drive in the country to boot, about eighty kilometres away in Toul.  Getting there would easily consume our morning. Naturally the middle part of the day would be spent lingering over lunch, and an even more meandering drive back in the afternoon in reality would leave no time for the other things, except maybe to stop to take the odd photograph and to console ourselves with the thought that some people have longer lists than we do.

So we now have one less item on our list.

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Anonymous said...

We laughed, it is so like us, life is too short not to do lunch!

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