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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Opposing Forces
Sunday 27 May - Lagarde

Some days it seems that the only way to settle the battle between procrastination and productivity is to have lunch.  

This is particularly easy thing to do on a Sunday in Lagarde.  The prospect of spending the mid part of the day in happy conviviality on Jacques’ and Maggie’s verandah accompanied by splendid food quickly dissolves any propensity to address any of the items on that list marked “things to do”.  

But the day held a surprising twist.  

Perhaps it was to to assuage the guilt of the past few days’ inactivity, or perhaps it was a subconscious effort to reduce the impact of the volume of food which would inevitably be consumed that caused the boat to receive it’s initial post-winter scrub before morning tea time.  It may have been the acorns in the luncheon pork that caused the shower thermostat to be repaired not just once but three times in a flurry of activity during the sleepiness of late afternoon as well but whatever the reason, we might have to take a day off tomorrow to make up!

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Ian said...

Youse are the poster boy and girl of the cruising lifestyle.

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