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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Monday 28 May - Azoudange

Usually when we don’t actually feel like being productive during the first week of being on the boat.  When the prospect of working to remove the smear of winter mildew and the unpacking of our earthly goods (or at least those that we keep in the northern hemisphere) starts to feel like a chore, a feeling which normally coincides almost exactly with the time we arrive at the boat, we head off on a road trip to run away from it all.   This makes for a nice transition between what ever our life may have been when before we arrived and the cruising one that it will become and we return refreshed and full of enthusiasm for the tasks in hand. 

This year however, things have been different.  We have lapsed so quickly into the cruising life that even the prospect of making a journey of a few hours by road seemed to be too much like hard work.
Not for us the tulips in flower this year (well fair enough, we are a few months late for that), and while we had thought about a little diversion to Ronchamps in the end the option of making just one more trip to the supermarket won out.  We did spend a little time in Azoudange  on the way, to watch the nesting storks for a bit, taking no small inspiration is must be said from their diligent home making.

So inspired were we that we resolved on our return, to put a bit of effort into completing all of our outstanding jobs.



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Annie said...

Intrigued as to whether you decided to take the bigger camera as well as the new phone (camera)? Rather thinking this may not be taken from your new phone??
(Excuse me for being a sticky beak!!)

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