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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Thinking locally.
Sunday 17 June - Pagny-sur-Marne to Eauville

We are trying to limit our travels for the next period of time, to one page of our chart book per day.  This equates to travelling something less than ten kilometres, which can prove quite useful  in the event of discovering when we arrive at our destination that we have left something behind, as we can simply walk back to get it.

There are those we are aware, who do not share our propensity for travelling slowly.  The world is their oyster, why bother with the intricacies of the large scale chart when a globe will do.

Euville is why, and dozens, perhaps hundreds of other little places like it.  They are as far as one can be off the beaten path, when the beaten path is actually a waterway.   None the less, those who don’t take the time will never know what they miss as they storm past us wondering what we see in the tranquility and the quaintness of it all.  The answer is clear, there is nothing to see here (that we want to share at any rate), move along and leave us to it!

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