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Monday, June 18, 2018

Let’s do lunch… and dinner.
Friday 8 June - Nancy

It’s not one of our regular haunts, but why wouldn’t it be one of our favourites?  Well there’s the service for a start.  On the one hand it’s impeccable, friendly even, not at all in the great French tradition alluded to in the travel books.  On the other hand well let’s just say there is plenty of time to enjoy the ambience, and thankfully in L’Excelsior there’s no shortage of that.  It's a simply stunning souvenir of a time long past.

It wasn’t really that Maggie had a dose of “missing us already”, when she suggested last week that we meet there for lunch, rather she was showing her friend Kate the town, and wanted to show her us and we, she. Naturally a stonking good time was had by all.  “Stonking” being a quite possibly made-up word that sounds terribly British, and stuck in just for Kate’s benefit.

Such a good time was had, (and so slow the service),  that we barely made it aboard “Miss Ellie” for round two for the day, an equally splendid time in an equally splendid although significantly less complicated ambiance, and with far better service! Was this really our fourth farewell to Jørn and Birgit this week?  It all has to stop - tomorrow we must away!

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