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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Good Day Sunshine
Tuesday 5 June - Parroy to Sommerviller

We woke this morning to find the boat covered in leaves and twigs and sticky stuff, pretty much giving a fair impersonation of a case moth in hibernation. This was a little disconcerting since it had taken almost two weeks of procrastination to have it looking all shiny and bright, and now there is nothing for it, but to start the whole process again.

Jørn and Birgit, had suffered no such fate.   Partly because by the time they arrived yesterday evening, their mates had taken the shadiest spot under the biggest trees, which turned out to be where the sticky bugs ply their trade, and partly because they, coming from a place where sunshine is more of a novelty than something to be feared, were as usual happy to soak up all the vitamin D that was on offer.

Today in Sommerviller while some wallowed near naked, basking in the glorious sunshine, the rest lazed just as happily, reading in the shade ignoring the monster cleanup, wondering if some magic fairy would appear intent on restoring the boat to its former glory.


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