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Saturday, June 02, 2018

The Sky is Falling!
Tuesday 29 May - Lagarde

Taking the car back to the hire place is a bit like starting the engine to warm it up a bit before leaving.  It’s a deliberate cutting of all that ties us to the shore, except for perhaps our mooring lines.  

And our electrical cable.

And maybe the jobs that really need electricity and water in order to do them.

We took the car back to Lunéville and returned with Jørn’s assistance with yet another load of supermarket goodies (our fourth in five days) ensuring that in the event of an accidental overdose of procrastination delaying our departure, we probably won’t starve in the short term.   On our return to the boat we felt completely ready to start cruising proper.

Then we decided we like it here, and there was no reason why we shouldn’t fill the first few days of our cruise itinerary with the words “In Port in Lagarde”.  Besides, there are storms on the way and we haven’t worked out where our raincoats are.

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Merisi in Vienna said...

Great image and I like your plan(s) too! :-)

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