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Saturday, June 30, 2018

A bit of housekeeping
Thursday 14 June - Toul

Curiously while one of us continued to lay progressively less low yet none the less still laying, in the clutches of whatever evil bug lurked within his system.  The other seemed injected with all the energy he did excess energy, cleaning, polishing and washing all within the boat to within an inch of it’s life.  Had there been a chimney stack on board, he would not have been surprised on rising from his morning nap to find a next of twigs being constructed on it, such was the intensity of her on board activity.

Instead, he woke to find Joan and Peter had arrived, looking the way people do when their bodies have arrived that very morning from Australia, and their consciousness is still awaiting air traffic control clearance to land.  Not quite alive enough to start the post-winter clean of their boat, it seemed only logical that they should come aboard with all their news.  

J├╝rgen and Ele arrived in port not long after from an entirely different direction and the stage was set for a long and happy afternoon, made happier for some with the knowledge that even under overcast skies the washing was dry!


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