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Sunday, June 03, 2018

The Most Photographed Chicken in All of France
Friday 1 June - Lagarde

So many years have passed since we first failed to cross paths with Don and Cathy Jo that what they believe to be the most photographed chicken in France or possibly the world is now a full-fledged hen.  

Being the gracious international travellers that we are, respectful of the cultural nuances of our fellow man, we didn’t point that out to them of course.  If they want to think it's still a chicken well that's fine by us.   If they were somehow to avoid reading this they would go on happily never needing to know that in the language of my people, a chicken is a little yellow ball of fluff. Once that yellow fluff has gone, the chicken within departs and it becomes a chook.

But again I digress, which is easy to do in enjoyable company and there was quite a bit of digressing going on in the too few hours available this morning and last evening for a catch-up.   For almost a decade in our respective travels we’ve each made something of a point of being exactly where the other isn’t.  We’ve corresponded on and off over that time, sometimes missing each other by days, sometimes by years, but yesterday apparently there was something of a happy miscalculation aboard “Oldtimer” which resulted in us all being in the same place at the same time.  Technically it should not be possible for people who have never met to be “reunited”, but thanks to that rent in the fabric of the universe we can confirm that it is!

Here’s hoping we find them again, or since they seem to better at it than we are, that they find us, long before their chook, err... chicken goes rusty! 

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Don said...

We enjoyed our too short visit and we're now on the Vosges so not again this year; at least by boat.
Thanks for yet another picture of our stern ornament. To us, the chicken will always be "chicken." You can call it whatever you want. We'll be none the wiser.

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