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Monday, June 11, 2018

The Road Well Travelled (now with pikelets!)
Wednesday 6 June - Sommerviller to Nancy

As we drifted happily down the waterway this morning it was not without a strong sense of nostalgia as we thought about the good times we’ve had on this little wet highway over the past nine years. 

For instance, how many times we wondered, had we walked to a bakery only to find it closed on a Monday or a Tuesday, or for the rest of summer for that matter?   We were pretty sure we’d never found one closed on Wednesday AND Thursday before today, and as a result of this new experience, our walk into Sommerviller in search of something nice for morning tea yielded nought.  

Happily by the time Birgit and Jørn caught up with us for a third farewell in as many days, a fresh batch of pikelets had miraculously appeared in our galley replete with lashings of red jam, tea and coffee. It is suffice to say that none of this was in under supply, therefore by the time we once again went our separate ways, there a further stop for lunch was removed from our agenda.   

Delayed though we had been on our morning’s journey, we still found time to settle into our berth and then to stomp over our usual stomping grounds, breathing the familiarity and the brewing storm in equal quantities.  

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