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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Out of the gate
Saturday 16 June -Toul to Pagny-sur-Marne

The farewell hugs and kisses took a while, and a casual observer could all be forgiven for thinking we were heading off on a journey of something more than the twelve locks and thirteen kilometres that the day would bring.  

Popping through the little tunnel at the top of it all we both felt we were going through some sort of a gateway to new adventures. This was a nonsense of course.  It will be weeks or even months before we are beating a path not travelled before, but our minds have now happily farewelled the most familiar of our stomping grounds and we feel that are finally on our way.

Having traversed almost a hundred kilometres in the past two weeks,  perhaps now we can slow down to a less blistering, more cruising kind of pace.


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