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Monday, June 04, 2018

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!.
Monday 4 June - Lagarde to Parroy

If breaking up is hard to do, so was leaving Lagarde today.   The usual healthy procrastination quickly gave way to reticence when it came to completing the necessary tasks to get underway but by lunchtime we did it, severing the metaphorical umbilical cord.  Perhaps.

Mr Perkins, anxious that we don’t do anything too hasty, immediately began oozing black snot from that pesky injector.  We could hear the tick tick tick of the leak, but ignored it in the hope that it would go away.   We aren’t turning back Mr P.   We just hope the ticking isn’t the timer on a bomb!

But we’ve done it.  It’s five hours and eighteen minutes by car to Diksmuide, but who can say how long by boat?

We are off now, to find the other end of the rainbow. 



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new adventure.

Ian said...

Drat, just as we're leaving West Flanders (Veurne). Who knows, we may pass you heading in the other direction.

Madeleine (MOSL) said...

What a wonderful picture !!!
When back in Lagarde, I'll give you each a MOSL t-shirt :)

bitingmidge said...

@Ian McCauley - that would be nice! I did hear a whisper of your movements from a certain American chicken - and thanks for the wishes!

bitingmidge said...

@ Madeleine (MOSL). Thanks very much Madeleine - we will wear them with pride!

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