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Monday, June 18, 2018

The day that never was.
Saturday 9 June - Nancy

We hadn’t planned to go far today anyway, just down to Champignuelles where we’d stay the evening near the park and wander up to watch Emmanuel’s AC/DC tribute band in concert.  Perhaps we’d wash the boat first, to get rid of all that tree muck.

Then daylight came after a night of storms and the boat was shining once again without human intervention.  This was just as well as one of us was not particularly fit for intervening anyway.  It’s odd the way nasty illness descends on a weekend, when medical assistance is at it’s most scarce.  In the absence of genuine help or the energy to seek it out, a quick check of Dr Google assured us that he was possibly having a heart attack, a dose of bubonic plague, malaria, brain disease, kidney stones or ingrown toenails, or quite possibly any or all at the same time.  Curiously, one of the symptoms of heart attack is “a sense of doom”, which it seems is also one of the outcomes of consulting Dr Google.

Under the circumstances the only sensible thing to do in the gloom of a cool rainy day, was to stay snugly asleep in a cosy bed.  We figured if he didn’t wake up dead in the morning all would be well with the world once more. (Spoiler - this post may be late, but it has happened after the event, so a little logic applied at this point may give a hint as to the outcome.)  


Rob Siemann said...

Wow, careful there!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Rob, all is good! now..... :-)

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