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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Boat for Rent, Bring Your Own Blanket
Wednesday 30 May - Lagarde

One of the most commonly asked questions we are asked by those curious to learn more of out floating lifestyle, is: “Do we rent the boat out when we aren’t there”.

Well no, not normally but we are open to offers.  May we suggest that in our absence there may be other more comfortable places to stay however, particularly as the snow starts to build and the ice-boat effect starts to take hold.

What we can’t figure is how all that pretty white stuff (this photo was taken very early in winter before the next few feet arrived - thanks Bill!), can in the period of our absence turn the decks into a very much not white mess of slippery brown and green, and how what appears to be greasy soot can work its way under the covers and embed itself so successfully in our white fibreglass roof that it takes a few hours of scrubbing, some pressure washing and a week or two of talking about it before it’s all looking presentable again each spring.

Having said that, the scrubbing, pressure washing and coat of easy wax happened today, and in the process some of the windows even managed to end up with a bit of sparkle in the process, which probably means there will be nothing to talk about tomorrow.


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