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Sunday, September 05, 2021

A Slight Delay.

 When we last spoke of our build, we were ALMOST ready to leave, but in the face of a fair level of fatigue and the kind of weather that's best suited for pottering around and doing  little tidying up jobs, we chose the latter.

Of course those sorts of jobs have a propensity for expanding to fill all the available time so it was not at all early the next morning when we closed the garage door with an untidy shed full of building detritus and finally hit the road.

As it turns out, in our excitement or perhaps anxiety to get on the road, we actually did't closed the garage door.  Our delightful neighbours phoned when we were not half an hour into our journey to ask if we'd left the house open on purpose. Thankfully they took care of that little oversight for us, and as a tsunami of relief rushed over us, perhaps tinged with just a little nervous anticipation, our journey had properly begun.

Naturally we hadn't departed as early as we would have liked, and traffic on the narrow black scar on our landscape which passes for a highway was heavy and slow moving, so it was well after sunset by the time we had finished setting up for the night, not ideal, but by then working in the dark had become second nature.

Our Trip from Tip to Tip had begun.


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Vallypee said...

Happy travels! The next best thing to being on a boat, I guess :)

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