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Friday, September 03, 2021

Friday - Wheel Alignment!

 Not many more than twelve hours after we'd picked up the van from its wheel alignment, we'd unpacked, repacked, bolted most things in, got the fridge working and generally only had to throw the mattress in, make the bed, and we'd be right to go!

Kind of.

The truth was that there was an endless list of tiny things that needed attention and not to put too fine a point on it we were a bit too tired to even think about them.   The others, finally freed from the current round of Lockdown arrived well after Lily's bedtime, in no better shape than we were, having endured a similarly exciting fitout and preparation.

And the rain had begun.

The forecast for tomorrow, our first day on the road, was for an expected 50mm of rain along the whole five hundred kilometre stretch that we had planned to travel.  Not willing to even think about what setting up camp for the first time in the rain might be like, while moving the as yet unfitted bits from the bed to who knows where, we turned in for the night, wondering what the morning would bring.  

MONDAY - install frig cupboards, frig and switchboard.
TUESDAY - help Sean with the wiring and reinstate the cabin
WEDNESDAY - install the remaining cupboards
THURSDAY - pack the van full of all we need to get it up to working load
FRIDAY - get a wheel alignment with everything on board
SATURDAY - leave for the Cape!


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Vallypee said...

Well, that was quick! Goed gedaan as we say in this part of the world! Enjoy your adventures now!

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