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Thursday, September 02, 2021

The day we were supposed to pack!

When the new tyres were fitted, we postponed having a wheel alignment, preferring to wait until the final load was in the van to ensure the best possible result.   Naturally we booked well in advance for the day before we were due to leave.

It did sneak up on us, that appointment.  Despite the daily schedule we had been referring to hourly, with all it's crossed out bits of jobs done, it came as a bit of a shock to discover that the day before we were due to leave was... tomorrow!

Praying for any excuse to give us a few more days, we phoned the nice people at the tyre place looking for a Covid lockdown reprieve.  "We're an essential service" they cheerfully replied, see you at eight in the morning!  Don't forget your mask!"

There wasn't going to be much sleep for anyone in the house that night!

MONDAY - install frig cupboards, frig and switchboard.
TUESDAY - help Sean with the wiring and reinstate the cabin
WEDNESDAY - install the remaining cupboards
THURSDAY - pack the van full of all we need to get it up to working load
FRIDAY - get a wheel alignment with everything on board
SATURDAY - leave for the Cape!

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