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Wednesday, September 01, 2021

WEDNESDAY - reinstall the cupboards


There's a bit of a theme developing in the photos of late.   Every one of them has been taken after what civilised people would call "bedtime".

We are starting to discover that there are indeed twenty-four hours to every day, and the ones known as "daylight hours" are very few indeed, while the "night time" ones seem to come around very quickly.

There's a sort of calm descending on us as we are starting to think that we might make this, or at worst are only going to be a day or two late!  Or is it fatigue?

MONDAY - install frig cupboards, frig and switchboard.
TUESDAY - help Sean with the wiring and reinstate the cabin
WEDNESDAY - install the remaining cupboards
THURSDAY - pack the van full of all we need to get it up to working load
FRIDAY - get a wheel alignment with everything on board
SATURDAY - leave for the Cape!

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